And in the todays and in the tomorrows
and in the mornings that linger
the evenings that fly
and in the unforgettable moons –
collecting like children’s artwork
and school papers
in the attic of my memories
and in the basement of my thoughts –
the moons that guided me home
in lonely winter and in lazy summer
in all these days,
under and above all these memories
and all these moons
I try to remain.

And these moons that linger –
of many colour and many shape –
Orange, hanging low, soothing and delighting,
a gentle melody of autumn dying and summer laughter.
Silver, huge, suspended high above,
promising fervid nights of ecstatic inspiration,
and of solid soothing friendship.
Yellow and soft, cat’s eyes moon,
watchful and waiting, too often unobserved,
the moon that shows up unexpectedly yet oddly welcome
in all its sneaky truthfulness.

All these moons and more,
watching over my nightdreams and my daydreams
Beloved friends, unchained from space and from time.
Helping me to remain, as me, in now and then and yet to come.